raise your  hands  and  scream 

A current collection of thoughts and ideas.



The Wink & Gun

My first blog, primarily pop culture focused, published sporadically from 2007 - 2014.






A website meant to make my cat famous, however it never took off, due to creative differences. Published as a part of my book "God Family Internet."


The Sisters Meme

My sister and I communicate primarily via tagging each other in Instagram photos. This Tumblr is a collection of those photos, and other internet ephemera that speaks to our humor and sensibilities. Published as a part of  "God Family Internet."


If My Hair Could Talk

A collection of stills captured from personal video diaries that were recorded over a period of 2 and a half years. This website explores the possibilities of my hair as a storytelling device.  Published as a part of "God Family Internet."