Book cover
I designed the cover using Photoshop.
Table of Contents
Sample story, fuck marry kill
6 minutes 1 second of silence
Still from 6 minutes 1 second
If my hair could talk
screengrab, if my hair could talk
Embarassing memories

god  family  internet


A transmedia  memoir


God Family Internet is a true transmedia memoir, consisting of a print book that hyperlinks via QR code to other stories told through images, sound, and internet ephemera. It is designed to be read alongside a cellphone, so that while one is reading one can also use their phone to access different types of material that couldn’t be printed. 


The book contains a collection of stories about my youth in relation to materials, objects, people, theory and internet culture. The stories range from hilarious diatribes about my relationship with animals, to poignant reflections on popular internet culture, to philosophical questions about spirituality. All of the stories relate to god, family, or the internet, often at the same time.




SPP @ Gov Island
Drawing sample
Photo sample
Drawing Sample
Photo Sample
SPP @ FAB Festival
SPP @ Gov Island

selfie  portrait  project


interactive  art  experience


Selfie Portrait Project is an interactive experience where participants get the opportunity to be portrait artists. The experience begins as an open-ended writing activity, where the user writes a description of themselves. Next they receive someone else’s written self-description, from which they will draw a portrait. After that they take a selfie. I then upload all three pieces to the website, where users can use an ID number to locate their 3 part portrait. See portraits and learn more at

Portrait of a black woman  over 78 days


Formerly known as: I shouldn't be so entertained by myself, but I am

And before that: 6 minutes 1 second of silence


Digital short


This short film examines the narrative possibilities of silence, identity and time. It is a compilation of footage recorded over a period of two years, a time when I was creating personal video diaries that were never made public. I took the beginning of each video, before I started talking, and edited them together to show a the progression of a person over time. It was created as part of "God Family Internet." 

NEW REcording


An  experimental podcast


New Recording is a podcast of sounds about life. Packaged like a mixtape, each will feature an audio collage of stories, music and sound, put together to explore a topic, evoke a mood or convey meaning.


Listen here